A response from Edward Timpson

I recently received this letter from Edward Timpson, Minister for Children and Families. Mr Timpson appears to miss the point entirely – he says he does not think that ‘mandatory reporting would necessarily have helped in the Daniel Pelka case and, by implication, in many others’… he says he does not ‘believe a shift to mandatory reporting would make it easier for professionals to identify the signs of abuse and neglect’.

Surely the point is that staff at Daniel’s school identified and internally documented his abuse – but they failed to report it.

Serious case reviews show time after time that staff are aware abuse is occurring and yet they fail to report it.Mr Timpson goes on to assert his confidence in the ‘expectation and accountability provided by the existing guidance’.

We know there is no accountability at all in ‘existing guidance’.

I am disappointed with the continued opposition, but interested to observe that Mr Timpson finally […]

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Pressure continues to build for Daniel’s Law

BBC Panorama recently screened a programme which explored the need for Mandatory Reporting in Regulated Activities, with particular regard to child sexual abuse in institutions. Keir Starmer, former Director of Public Prosecutions, argued in favour of new legislation requiring staff to report suspected and known abuse; the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church also voiced support for this new law in the same programme.

The Panorama documentary went to air only weeks after the National Crime Agency’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre published a significant report entitled Foundations of Abuse, which also supports the call for Mandatory Reporting in Regulated Activities – regional police chiefs including Northumbria’s Vera Baird have since given their public backing to the call for change.

New political support is forthcoming from Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk and West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson. I am also hopeful that Rotherham MP Sarah Champion (who was the first MP to sign […]

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Coventry Observer: Legal chief gives backing to Daniel’s Law

Continuing their support for the Daniel’s Law campaign, the Coventry Observer have today covered the welcomed news that Keir Starmer calls for a change in law for mandatory reporting. The full article can can be read online at the Coventry Observer website.

Keir Starmer Calls For ‘Daniel Pelka’ Law To Make Reporting Child Abuse Mandatory

On Monday the Huffington Post covered fresh support for mandatory reporting:

Failing to report allegations of child sexual abuse should be made a criminal offence in Britain, the former director of public prosecutions has said.

Since the violent death of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, campaigners have called for a law to ensure teachers and carers who spot bruising and extreme hunger in children are obligated by law to report signs of abuse.

Keir Starmer believes it is time to “change the law” and said it should be “mandatory” to report allegations.

Read the full article online at Huffington Post.

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Evidence is key to Daniel’s Law – safeguarding expert

The Coventry Observer is continuing its support of the Daniel’s Law campaign with coverage of the National Safeguarding Conference 2013.

The full article can be read online.

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Daniels Law in the Coventry Observer…

Thank you to the Coventry Observer who continue to back Daniels Law campaign. The article above featured in print this week and coverage can be read online.

Please keep sharing the link and asking people to sign at change.org/danielslaw!

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Summary from a parliamentary debate

Geoffrey Robinson is MP for Coventry North West, Daniel Pelka lived in his constituency. In the aftermath of Daniel’s case, Geoffrey Robinson called for a parliamentary debate, which convened on 17.10.13 ‘to see what might be done’ – we naturally hoped for Daniel’s Law to feature as an important part of the debate.

You can read the full minutes of the meeting at http://goo.gl/ZWMzCh – key points outlined below, all quotes by Geoffrey Robinson MP:

“One thing is for sure: there has been report after report, study after study, and still we get these dreadful incidents all too frequently.”

“Some people say ‘it will always happen… and you can’t stop it’ – I find that repugnant. I cannot believe that Daniel Pelka, whose home was visited 27 times following incidents, who turned up at school getting thinner and thinner, who was showing bruises and was clearly being maltreated in every other respect, needed to die. I cannot accept it; it […]

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Coventry Observer – Do it for Daniel

Coventry Observer backs Daniel’s Law with call for 100,000 signatures! Amazing coverage, amazing support.

Today we feature on the front page – check out the coverage on the Coventry Observer website.

Keep up the pressure for national debate. Numbers matter – keep signing at Change.org/DanielsLaw.

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Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education

This is the letter I received from Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education, in response to the 50,000 signature petition I delivered to 10 Downing Street in support of Daniel’s Law. None of issues Mr Gove raises against Mandatory Reporting in Regulated Activities are credible – see my response for counter-arguments.
This is my response to Michael Gove’s assertion that Mandatory Reporting in Regulated Activities is ‘not the answer’. My letter is written with the support of the Mandate Now coalition of charities and is copied to supporting MPs, along with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling as co-recipients of the petition for Daniel’s Law.

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A peaceful protest

Here is the speech I delivered in support of Daniel’s Law at a peaceful protest in Coventry today:

For Daniel’s Law
Coventry October 10

Firstly, I’d like to thank Nicci for organising this event and for inviting me to speak today.

I was listening to the radio when I first heard about Daniel, a four year old schoolboy who was starved and beaten to death. I will never forget my daughter’s face as she asked ‘Is that true mummy? Why didn’t that little boy’s teachers help him?’

Daniel Pelka was let down by everyone, particularly in the last few months of his life when his regular bruising and broken bones, his desperate attempts to forage for food and his severe weight loss could be plainly seen by those around him – by people with professional responsibility and a duty of care for his safety and well being. This child was literally struggling to survive – […]

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