60,000 sign for Daniel’s Law

Our campaign for Daniel’s Law hit 60,000 last week, recent signatures include MPs and councillors.

One of our supporting MPs has recommended we pursue an Early Day Motion in Parliament.  Although an EDM doesn’t have any legislative capacity, it would give us a good platform to start visibly lobbying government and it would help keep media interested.

One of our supporters received this note of formal encouragement from MP Mark Hunter in response to her letter asking him to support Daniel’s Law. It is worthwhile writing to your MP, as support grows for a parliamentary debate of Daniel’s Law – you can use part of all of the draft letter here to highlight key points.

Child protection continues to feature predominantly in media headlines; leading charities consider we could be approaching a tipping point…

Keep campaigning for Daniel’s Law. Every signature counts.

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“Child abuse is hugely under-reported”

“Child abuse is hugely under-reported”.

Disturbing article by Louise Tickle – DfE unhappy it ran (see @louisetickle Twitter).

Only the pressure of numbers will secure meaningful government debate of Daniel’s Law. Support continues to build – please keep spreading the word… our petition is steadily on course for 60,000.

All welcome to join peaceful protest for Daniel, Thursday October 10, 1300 – 1600 Cov City Council, Speakers Corner CV1 5RR.

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Pressure for debate continues to build

“Maybe in Daniel’s memory we will be remembered as a council who managed to move things forward.”

Coventry Council leader Ann Lucas last week called for national debate on a number of issues around Daniel’s death, including the mandatory reporting of child abuse.

Roger Godsiff, MP for Birmingham Hall Green, today signed our petition.

In The Coventry Telegraph:

Coventry experts grilled over role in death of Daniel Pelka

Representatives from key bodies who had dealings with the four-year-old and his family attend meeting of Coventry City Council’s Education and Children’s Services Scrutiny Board

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Daniel Pelka: Fresh report to be published into failings

BBC Coventry & Warwickshire also feature coverage this morning on possible disciplinary action against professionals who failed to intervene to help Daniel.

We must keep up the pressure for Daniel’s Law – our focus is on protecting vulnerable children by supporting staff to report child abuse with appropriate law.

Future prevention is critical. Make it the law to report.

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We close on almost 58,000 tonight for Daniel’s Law

Please write to your MP to call for debate of Daniel’s Law; a draft letter will be sent to all who have signed via Change.org very soon.

I will let you know when I hear back from Nick Clegg. Lobbying for a new law is inevitably a lengthy process and I am encouraged to see support from new quarters daily – for instance, major law firm Irwin Mitchell is now publicly supporting our campaign, lending further expert legal credibility.

See also discussion thread on www.schoolimprovement.net, where Daniel’s Law is presented for comment – add your views. Most importantly, keep signing, keep tweeting, keep sharing.

We close on almost 58,000 tonight for Daniel’s Law.

In the Guardian:

Daniel Pelka: call for debate on mandatory reporting of child abuse
Damning report on failings in four-year-old’s death strengthens call for debate over obligation to pass on abuse concerns

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Daniel Pelka: Ministers shun obligatory scheme for professionals to report abuse concerns

Tonight I will be writing to Nick Clegg on the matter of a national debate on Daniel’s Law, as recommended by the Coventry SCR.The article below is balanced and illustrates the great support that is now building for Daniel’s Law – we have put mandatory reporting on the government radar, this is an important achievement. None of the arguments against stack up – no one at Daniel’s school reported their concerns to the Local Authority Designated Officer, which guidance recommends (but does not require) as correct procedure.

The critical issue in Daniel’s case was clearly the failure to report. Communication issues are secondary, but easier for Ministers to focus on since no govt intervention is required. This is only the beginning. Write to your MP, promote the petition (now at 56,500) and demand the national debate we need!

People working with children MUST report.

The Independent: Daniel Pelka: Ministers shun obligatory scheme for professionals to […]

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‘Daniel’s Law’ petition given to Downing Street

I delivered a petition of 50,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street today, to mark the eve of Daniel’s serious case review report, due to be made public tomorrow.

With me were other mums and Pete Saunders, CEO of NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood).

53,000 have now signed – please keep them coming, our petition is very much open and we hope to get many more signatures this week in the height of media and public interest.

As featured on the itv website.

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Huffington Post

We’ve hit 50,000!

The Huffington Post covered our campaign today.

Look out for more news tomorrow – thanks for your ongoing support and keep it coming, we must be heard this week when the serious case review reports.

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Thank you Mumsnet

See link to home page of mumsnet, coverage for which we are very grateful; please go to site and share your views, help support our petition and our cause – we can expect different views, but most of those opposing have not read the information provided.

Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham spoke for us in Parliament today; we were also mentioned by a number of other MPs in this first debate on child protection issues.

Closing tonight on 44,500+ – amazing.

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Mumsnet Blog

Guest blog: “It must be mandatory for school staff to report suspected child abuse”
In August, the mother and stepfather of Daniel Pelka were given 30-year sentences for his murder (warning: distressing content). During the trial it emerged that school staff had noticed some of his injuries – but had not taken the actions necessary to save his life. In this guest blog, Paula Barrow explains why she is campaigning for ‘Daniel’s Law’, which would make it a legal requirement of anyone working with children in the UK to report suspected or known abuse to the local authority or the police. Do you agree that reporting child abuse should be mandatory? Let us know what you think on the thread below.
I first heard Daniel’s story as it flickered across the news. I was making tea for my two children, aged 7 and 5; the radio was on in the kitchen and we were listening to Steve […]

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