Sarah Champion MP for Rotherham (@SarahChampionMP) today became the first MP to sign, publicly support and share the campaign link for Daniel’s Law via Twitter. Thank you, Sarah!

This is a landmark achievement; we need the support of Parliament to make new legislation possible – now that we have our first MP officially confirmed, we hope more will follow. If you have not done so already, please write to your MP – you can find a sample letter posted on this page August 22; many have FB and Twitter accounts, where you can also reach them.

We look forward to speaking further with Sarah – and with other MPs who have shown interest – early next week. Please don’t leave this page without signing this very important petition via the link below and sharing with your FB connections.

The campaign for Daniel’s Law started on August 1, how many will sign to make reporting child abuse the law in this first month? Every signature counts.